DIY Home Painting Tips

When it comes to renovating your home, it doesn’t have to be a grand makeover or an unrecognisable transformation. Believe it or not, your home may just need a fresh coat of paint!

From making a room look larger to drawing in more natural light, the changes a fresh coat of paint can make to the interior and exterior of a home are endless. While interior and exterior paint jobs aren’t as simple or time effective as they look, with the right DIY home painting tips from the expert team at MW Homes, this cost-effective home improvement can be done by just about anyone!

With over 10 years’ experience in providing quality interior and exterior paint jobs to Melbourne-based homes, MW Homes’ has provided their top 5 DIY home painting tips for getting started:

  1. ALWAYS test the paint colour options on the wall – While the paint swatches at your local hardware store will give you a realistic idea of what the shade looks like, it won’t show you how the colour will appear on YOUR wall. With many factors altering the end result, including room size, exposure to natural sunlight and furnishings, the colour may look very different to what you initially thought. Simply take home a small tin of sample paint and paint the colour swatches on a patch of the wall and let it set.
  2. Buy too much paint, rather than not enough – When it comes to working out how much paint you need, it’s important to account for any accidents or miscalculations to ensure you will most certainly have enough, even if that means having too much (which will come in handy for retouching purposes down the track). A good rule of thumb for determining how much paint you’ll need is to multiple wall length by width to calculate the square footage. For most surfaces, you’ll require a gallon of paint per square feet.
  3. Use a plastic bag as a paint tray liner – Anyone who’s done plenty of home painting in their time will know how tedious the clean-up process is, particularly when you’re left scrubbing day old paint off the paint tray. With the painting job itself being time consuming and strenuous enough, why not make the clean-up process as simple as possible by simply lining the paint tray with a disposable plastic bag!
  4. Wrap a rubber band around the paint can – By stretching a rubber band around the paint tin (so that the band runs across the top of the open tin) and using the elastic to scrape off excess paint instead of the side of the can, you will avoid paint dripping down the side of the tin and staining your flooring.
  5. Avoid the toxic paint smell with vanilla extract – If you require your home to be liveable almost immediately after painting the interior, try adding vanilla extract to the paint (roughly 1 tablespoon per gallon). Don’t worry, this won’t affect the colour or texture of the paint job, but it will leave your home smelling fresh.

Not sure what colour to go? As experts in home design, we’d recommend the following DIY home painting tips to ensure you choose the right colour for your home style and space:

Trending Shades

If you’re feeling bold and want to add a splash of colour to your stale home, why not start with a simple feature wall (or two)?

This season, minimalistic designs and soft colour palettes are all the rage. Think shades of pastel pink, blue, grey and yellow. While 2015 was all about cool shades, this year is certainly embracing the warmer tones – from creamy whites and teal to warm shades of navy. The benefit of this year’s trending paint colours? They’re timeless! Unlike neon and primary colour paint trends, due to the ‘minimalistic design style’ taking the world by storm as of late, this seasons neutral-inspired colour palettes will still be in fashion for years to come, meaning you don’t need to worry about making a poor investment that will already be out the door by the time you’re finished your first coat!

Timeless Shades

If you’re not much one for colour but still want to ensure you’re picking a paint shade that will compliment your interior and won’t date, we recommend going for neutral colours or earthy tones. One mistake many new home owners make is choosing their paint colours based on their décor and furniture. It’s an expensive mistake to make, because while home décor can be easily replaced, a paint job is an often expensive and time consuming task. Hence why it’s best to choose a neutral shade that is guaranteed to go with all home décor, regardless of colour and style. By incorporating shades of cream, beige and charcoal to khaki, terracotta, mustard and petrol blue, you’re guaranteed an interior space you’ll love for years to come.

Small Spaces

Is your home unbearably small and often looks cluttered and crowded? Don’t fret, it can be easily resolved by changing the colour!

Did you know that one of the best ways to expand a space is with a sharp colour palette, as opposed to duller shades? Despite the popular belief that an all-white colour palette will make a space look larger, this isn’t actually the truth. For small spaces (known all too well by many Melbourne homeowners), we’d recommend doing a feature wall to create a distraction and to draw guests attention away from how small the space is. This is a particularly useful tip when you’re wanting to sell and want to ensure a positive return on investment!

Short on time or don’t have confidence in your ability to pull off a quality paint job using our top DIY home painting tips? If you’re based in Melbourne and are looking for an industry professional to ensure a premium quality paint job, look no further than MW Homes! From providing design advice and partial to full interior and exterior painting services, MW Homes will have your home looking refreshed in no time. To find out more about our services, please get in touch with our friendly team today on 0477 218 811 or simply email  

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