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Are you seeking the latest in stylish bathroom design trends as inspiration for your interior home renovation? At MW Homes, we don’t just specialise in home renovation services, we also offer the latest in property styling and interior design advice and tips!

With a range of themes, styles and trends to choose from, renovating your home can be a difficult and stressful process. From choosing the right tiles and fixtures to picking the right paint shade and layout, we understand the work involved in creating a cohesive and unique theme, while simultaneously ensuring a timeless design that will improve the value of your property for years to come.

When it comes to transforming your drab and outdated bathroom into a modernistic extension of your style, here’s our top 5  bathroom design trends that won’t be going out of fashion anytime soon:

1.     Embrace Glass

Glass, glass & more glass – we simply cannot get enough of it! Whether it’s used as a room divider or as an alternative to the old-fashioned shower curtain, glass is not only a timeless and visually stunning option, it also opens up small spaces and lets in more light.  

Particularly when used as a room divider, glass allows you to create an open spatial layout, which will help create a subtle and visual divider between the shower and the vanity, while also giving a modern and stylish finish. Worried about privacy? Almost all glass enclosures can be frosted or tinted. While glass is often a more expensive option, it will add to the overall value of your property and is certainly a sound investment for the future.

Here’s a few of our favourite bathroom designs that use glass effectively to enhance the space.

2.     Monochromatic Colour Scheme

For a timeless design that is guaranteed to increase your property value and won’t make you cringe in 5 years’ time, opt for a monochromatic colour scheme. While bursts of colour go in and out of fashion, a neutral colour scheme is a safe and smart investment for the future. No need to fear though, choosing a monochromatic colour scheme doesn’t limit your design possibilities or the visual aesthetic of the space.

Love a bright bathroom? Don’t fret, you can still achieve a funky design! Simply use décor and accessories to add a splash of colour to your bathroom. The benefit of choosing a monochromatic colour scheme is that it will literally go with any colour. With earthy tones and neutral shades being all the rage right now, monochromatic colours are a great option for both short term and long term financial prosperity.

Here’s a few of our favourite monochromatic-inspired bathrooms:

3.     Patterned Tiles

Gone are the days of linoleum or laminate flooring, tiles are back in and they’re here to stay. Without contradicting the previous tip about going for a monochromatic colour palette, if you’re adamant on adding colour – make it the tiles!  Go for a neutral colour palette throughout the bathroom design and leave the pop of colour for the feature tiles.  

You can do a simple and cost effective bathroom transformation by incorporating funky and bright patterned tiles. Believe it or not, retro prints are now modern again, so be sure to embrace the unique shades and styles. Whether its earthy tones, monochromatic or loud, bright and funky, a carefully designed tile feature wall or flooring pattern will turn any drab or basic bathroom into an artistic masterpiece!

If you’re looking for inspiration for trendy tiling designs and ideas, here’s our top 4 Pinterest picks:

4.     Quality Fixtures

If increasing your property value is your main priority, be sure to put a little more money into selecting premium quality bathroom fixtures and faucets, as this is what potential buyers are guaranteed to look at first. Not only will it add a touch of luxury and a quality finish to your newly renovated bathroom, choosing premium quality fixtures will require less maintenance and repair, and are likely to even reduce your utility bills, with most modern options being more energy efficient than older models.  

When choosing the right bathroom fixtures that provide the right balance between practicality and style, it’s important to choose fixtures and fittings that complement each other to create a cohesive design. From taps, spouts, shower heads, towel rails, drainage, soap dishes and electrical fittings, there's a lot of options and styles to choose from! 

When it comes to choosing quality fixtures and fittings that add to the value of the renovation and overall aesthetic of the design, here’s a few of our favourite themes: 

5.    Lighting

An often forgotten part of the process that is undeniably one of the most important is lighting! While one of the most central and frequently used rooms serving as a multi-operational space, bathroom lighting often goes neglected and a poorly lit space can decrease the visual aesthetic of the space and minimise the stunning design you’ve worked hard to create.

Whether your bathroom is ideally positioned to receive ample natural light or at the other end of the spectrum, requiring strong artificial light, bathroom lighting serves a purpose as both a functional addition and as a visual accessory that further enhances the theme.  

With an array of lighting designs and options on offer, it's never been so easy to find highly functional and practical lighting that doesn’t compromise on style or aesthetic. Here’s some of our favourite Pinterest picks:

At MW Homes, our 10 years’ worth of industry experience has allowed us to form strong industry relationships and buying power, meaning we can purchase for less and pass these savings onto our valued clients. If you’re struggling to stick to your budget or simply don’t feel confident that you’re getting value for money, MW Homes Melbourne-based bathroom renovation service is just what you need. Offering the latest in stylish and timeless trends and in-depth experience in pre-sale home renovations, you’re guaranteed a stunning end result and to increase the value of your property with MW Homes bathroom renovation service in Melbourne.

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