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For many, the home bathroom is a sacred space. It’s the first place we leave the warmth of our bed and brave the crisp winter air for. It’s where we go to wash the day from us. It’s a space that is private to us, where we can both prepare for the day and oppositely, unwind from it. Over the years, we will spend a wealth of time in our bathrooms. The accumulation of use over the years will leave your bathroom pockmarked with evidence of wear.

This is where the MW Homes team can assist. We provide high-quality bathroom renovations in Brighton. Whether you are wanting to restore your bathroom to its former glory, or embrace an entirely updated aesthetic, complete with improved levels of functionality – our team of specialist renovators are armed with the creativity, skills and insider knowledge to bring a level of ambience to your bathroom that you mightn’t have thought attainable.

Our team are passionate about working with you to pair the beautiful with the functional for your bathroom renovation in Brighton. MW Homes offers bathroom enhancement with a generous range of services spanning painting, tiling, fixture upgrade/replacement and plumbing upgrade/repair. Our designers understand how personal bathrooms are and we will work to understand your desires and pair them with our industry knowledge. The result will be a bathroom that you love, and future buyers will admire.  

What are you waiting for? Don’t put off that much-needed bathroom transformation any longer? For more information on our bathroom renovations in Brighton, please contact Mark for a free quote on 0477 218 811 or

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