Simple Home Renovation & Design Trends of 2017


Renovating and redesigning your home should be an exciting experience. Aside from ‘wowing’ guests with your new and improved space, having a modern and timeless design is a must for increasing your property value.

Read on for MW Homes’ six top renovation and design trends for 2017 that are sure to leave a lasting impression:  

Maximising space with minimalism

Forget showcasing all the latest tech toys and fancy kitchen and bathroom appliances you own. The future is all about cleverly concealing the clutter, for a modern look that’s all about functionality and maximising living space. The latest trend encourages a move towards more energy-efficient appliances, as well as hiding appliances such as fridges, dishwashers and stovetops within handle less cabinetry for discreet and easy access. Who says a dishwasher can’t blend in with the rest of the kitchen?

Return to nature

This year sees an increasing trend for indoor plants and greenery, encouraging an earthy and natural feel. Indoor plants add a splash of freshness and lift the mood, making it more welcoming. This trend also reinforces the move away from technology and futuristic designs, adding a more authentic touch to the overall feel of a home. Paired with matte black, timber and stone bathroom designs and kitchen tops, this will be a top trend to look out for.

Warm Tones & Soft Lighting

Moving away from the cold and modern white tones of recent years, 2017 is the year for cosy and inviting living spaces, through the addition of warm and earthy tones, soft lighting and an emphasis on rusticity. Colour palettes currently on trend include warm, earthy and muted spice tones coupled with gold and bronze fittings and warm-toned flooring, such as cork, terracotta and timber. The addition of dimmed lighting is also currently sought-after, as it offers an escape from the bright lighting found in workplaces and schools. The most basic addition of a dimmer on your lighting can make all the difference to the warmth your home exudes.

Digital Detox & Escapism

Snowballing on the trend of warm colour schemes and cosy interior design, today’s modern home encourages digital detoxification and escapism. Where past home renovation trends showcased technology and focused on making the home inviting for guests, this year is all about livability and creating a comfortable, homely and authentic sanctuary. On top of easy interior additions, a fun way to capitalise on this trend is the inclusion of second storey additions, hidden nooks and private, quiet extensions. 

Black is the New White

Just as trends for the rest of the home are moving away from white tones, the same goes for kitchens and bathrooms. This fresh, new approach sees the introduction of black and grey tones for countertops, flooring and fixtures, encouraging a modern, yet comfortable look as opposed to the pure and clinical look offered from traditional white tones. Coupled with vibrant indoor plants, this dark colour scheme really comes to life.

Cosy & Authentic

As trends in home renovation and design are ever-changing, it can be impossible to keep up with what’s considered modern and fresh. However, as trends change, your own unique touch is the most valuable addition you can ever add to your home. Especially with this year’s move towards warm, earthy tones and relaxed, authentic living spaces, adding your own individual flair to the look and feel of your home has never been trendier.   

What do you think of our top home renovation and design trends for the year? If you’re thinking of sprucing up your home, MW Homes can help. Check out our range of services for quality full home renovations. For more information, please call us today on 0477 218 811.

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