4 Tricks to Open Up Small Spaces


Narrow hallways, dark kitchens, bedrooms so small you couldnt swing a cat.
Small rooms and tight spaces are a challenge in a world where open-plan living and flowing spaces are considered the norm.
A structural renovation is one way to open up a tight space, but what if like most of us you simply don’t have the budget?

Over the years our company has faced this exact problem many times. Here are some tips and tricks for making a small space seem larger:

1. Bring in Natural Light

Natural light is an essential tool for making any room appear larger than it is. Sunlight that is allowed to filter through large windows or skylights can make an otherwise small space seem enormous. If your home has small windows, consider installing larger ones to maximise the effect. Another option is creating a void by simply cutting out an open space between floors of a house to liftthe ceiling up higher. Its a fantastic way to create more ceiling space and open up a room, quite often over a staircase. Of course, its limited to houses with double storeys or more, but its an often-overlooked feature when it comes to creating extra space. An architect will need to advise you on whether it will work.

2. Use Light Colours
Its an oldie, but a goodie. Choose white walls, light furniture and cabinetry. If you have a small place, try to steer clear of using dark colours. While white may seem stark or clinical, it's a timeless look that can be brought to life with the use of colourful furnishings, to create a warm and stunning space.

3. Lots of Outdoor Openings
Create as many outdoor openings as possible. So if you have a small room that backs onto a yard (front, back or side), put in as many openings as will be allowed. This will not only draw the eye outside but also opens the indoor space dramatically- indoor/outdoor living.

4. Utilise your Outdoor Space
Create a huge alfresco area and youll feel like youre doubling your internal space. When you do this try and create a sense of continuity between the indoors and outdoors. Your internal rooms will look bigger as people are looking past the wall and to what is outside. Make sure your alfresco area feels like an extension by styling and furnishing it like a room of your house, to create a cohesive theme from the inside out. 

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