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Renovating and redesigning your home should be an exciting experience. Aside from ‘wowing’ guests with your new and improved space, having a modern and timeless design is a must for increasing your property value. Read on for MW Homes’ six top renovation and design trends for 2017 that are sure to leave a lasting impression:   Maximising space with minimalism Forget showcasing all the latest tech toys and fancy kitchen... Read More
We spend a lot of time focusing on making the inside of our homes perfect, but what about the outside? It may not seem like it, but our backyards are an important part of our homes. It’s where your children play, where you entertain large numbers and where you sit with your loved ones, enjoying the scenery and a chat. A nice backyard can add the finishing touches to your dream home. But if you’re not exactly sure how to renovate your backyard, we’ve got a few tips to assist... Read More
Could your property do with a new look? Whether you are looking to transform your house to put it on the market, or simply want to enhance your living environment and the aesthetic of the space where you spend the majority of your time, a partial or complete home renovation boasts an array of short term and long term benefits for homeowners. At MW Homes, our 10+ years’ experience in providing affordable home renovation services across Melbourne has allowed us to better... Read More
Looking to sell your property and want to ensure a positive return on investment? Perhaps your home could use a makeover! While pouring money into a property you purchased to capitalise off makes little sense in theory, simple and cost effective improvements can go a long way in improving the visual aesthetic, quality and overall value of your property for years to come. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint and new flooring or a complete bathroom and kitchen remodel, inexpensive... Read More
Are you seeking the latest in stylish bathroom design trends as inspiration for your interior home renovation? At MW Homes, we don’t just specialise in home renovation services, we also offer the latest in property styling and interior design advice and tips! With a range of themes, styles and trends to choose from, renovating your home can be a difficult and stressful process. From choosing the right tiles and fixtures to picking the right paint shade and... Read More
When it comes to renovating your home, it doesn’t have to be a grand makeover or an unrecognisable transformation. Believe it or not, your home may just need a fresh coat of paint! From making a room look larger to drawing in more natural light, the changes a fresh coat of paint can make to the interior and exterior of a home are endless. While interior and exterior paint jobs aren’t as simple or time effective as they look, with the right DIY home painting tips... Read More
Renovating your kitchen is a cost-effective way of modernising your family home, and turning what was once a drab and lifeless space into an effortlessly stunning one. At MW Homes, our kitchen renovation services in Melbourne find the perfect balance between creating a liveable and practical kitchen, with a modern and undeniably stylish design that is on trend and on budget.  With over 10 years' experience in the home renovation and improvement industry, here are... Read More

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